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#1:  Wholesale Yeti Tumblers sale Author: Cacked Post You have posted in this forum: Sun Feb 04, 2018 8:11 pm

But there I was, Yeti Cups On Sale in hand, a little put out at myself for even wanting to try it. I shop for utility and function, regardless of the company name. I’ve always said that my 1972 Coleman metal cooler could probably outperform any of these new-fangled, high-dollar coolers on the market today. I was equally certain that the Yeti drink cup would not live up to its pop culture icon-ness.

I put the Wholesale Yeti in the car and left it baking in the sun while I went shopping at Home Depot. My first stop after HD was at McDonalds where I filled the hot Yeti with ice and my third favorite beverage. Back in the car, I noticed that the Yeti fit nicely in the console drink holder. My Home Depot mug stays home because it’s too fat for the car. I gave that damn cup ten minutes of ice-melting time before I took a sip– certain that the hot cup would have diluted my precious Coke. I was wrong. My drink was miraculously bubbly, fresh, and ice cold!

Enter the Wholesale Yeti Cups . Let me just say again that I wanted to hate this cup. But I love this cup. Day after day it patiently awaits my bursts of thirst between bursts of creativity. Without sweat. Nada. Nothing. Not even when I am dripping Texas sweat. And the drink inside is always cold. The ice melts so slowly that I find myself needing more Coke. My trusty Home Depot mug and I had a good arrangement.

It melted the ice at an appropriate rate so that most of the afternoon I sipped watered-down Coke, followed by coke-flavored ice water, and finally room-temperature vaguely coke-y, vaguely watery liquid. By that point, it was after five and time to switch to a more appropriate evening beverage. The Wholesale Yeti Tumblers is out of sync. The watered-down Coke phase never happens. I drink it all because it’s fresh until it’s gone. The coke-flavored ice water doesn’t happen until well after dinner. And the room-temperature water? Ain’t happening. Not even the next morning. I hate this damn cup. It’s coming between me and a glass of wine or a cold beer.
MushwareSoftwareWholesale Yeti Tumblers sale

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